PupilsWelcome to the web page of the English department.


The department has  members of staff -

  • Mrs A Devlin (Principal teacher)
  • Mrs Y Beck (Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care)
  • Mrs A Friel (Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care) 
  • Mrs C Maxfield
  • Mrs L Whitty
  • Mrs G Sullivan

Courses and organisation

Pupils are arranged in mixed ability classes. This year S1 and S2 are organised in smaller classes of 20, allowing a more individualised teaching programme for pupils. A variety of teaching methods and strategies, such as work group, working in pairs and individualised learning are used to encourage each pupil to achieve his or her potential.

As part of our learning and teaching, we include theatre trips and author visits, which, we believe, play a vital role in extending an appreciation of literature outwith the classroom.

Pupils are encouraged to develop research skills and a healthy interest in reading through early introduction to the school library. This is continued throughout their time in school. A programme of supported reading is also available with the support for Pupil Department and the librarian.

The first and second year English course is based on the study of language, literature and the media taught through reading, writing, talking and listening.

The study programme is designed to consolidate and enhance basic skills covering:

  • Punctuation, spelling, points of grammar and expression
  • Different types and purposes of reading, writing, talking and listening
  • Study of literature: prose, poetry and drama
  • Study of various types of media texts
  • Use of ICT and work processing

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