Intermediate 1 English

A one year course that builds on the skills the student acquired in Standard Grade English.

The Intermediate 1 English course –

  • develops further skills in reading, writing, listening and talk
  • allows students to reflect on ideas, relationships, feeling, points of view, motivation and on how language has been used to convey these

This course can be used as a link to Intermediate 2 English.

Recommended entry level

  • Standard Grade English at grades 4 or 5
  • English Intermediate 2

Course content

The course contains 3 units of 40 hours -

Unit 1 (compulsory) Language -

  • Interpretation (close reading)
  • one essay - either reflective, discursive, creative or a report

Unit 2 (compulsory) Literary Study -

  • one textual analysis

Unit 3 Personal Study -

  • a review on a text of the student's own choice or
  • an investigation on an aspect of language or
  • a 8 - 10 minute presentation analysing an oral communication

Exam - close reading and one critical essay


  • Intermediate 2 English
  • further education - NC courses
  • employment in many areas

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