National 4 English

All Standard Grade assessments are completed externally except Talk which will be assessed by your teacher.

The Standard Grade consists of 3 elements:

  • The folio
  • Talk
  • Reading examination and Writing examination.

The Folio

The folio will consist of 5 pieces of Writing completed over the two years.

2 pieces of Writing must be completed

  • One transactional piece (a discursive, argumentative, or report)
  • One creative piece ( a personal essay or short story)

3 Critical Evaluations must also be completed.

  • These must be written on texts which cover at least 2 different genres (poetry, prose, drama or media)


This will be assessed in class by the teacher and will take the form of solo talk and group discussion over the two year period.

The Reading examination will be undertaken at two levels:

  • Foundation/ General
  • General/Credit

Each element is weighted equally and is worth 33% of the final grade.

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