ICT faculty

Welcome to the web page of the ICT faculty.


The ICT faculty has four staff -

  • Mr G Burke (Head of Faculty)
  • Mr D Morrison
  • Mrs E McArthur
  • Mr A Witherow

The ICT faculty aims to provide an environment where pupils -

  • experience exciting and interesting ICT lessons
  • are actively involved in each lesson
  • become more able to do things for themselves
  • make rapid progress and achieve high standards
  • recieve extra support where required
  • are included, stimulated and supported

The faculty is well resourced with four fully equipped computer labs. The resources in each room include -

  • 21 high spec PCs
  • multi-media projectors
  • live document cameras
  • remote mouse control for effective presentations
  • network laser printers
  • colour printers

Courses offered

The ICT faculty offers courses in 3 areas of the curriculum -

  • S1 / S2 ICT
  • Computing
  • Business Education

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