Religious Education


  • Mr S Neeson (Principal Teacher)
  • Mr J Wilson
  • Fr Dr John Bollan (chaplain)


St. Columba’s High School is unequivocally a Catholic school. Our church recognises the responsibility of parents as the first and foremost educators of their children. Teachers at St. Columba’s work in partnership with parents to help young people grow in faith, also to enable this faith to develop into a mature and personal response to Christ - to convince them of the value and truth of Christian living.

The Department will seek to enable pupils and staff to:

  • develop an appreciation of the love of God revealed through Jesus Christ, the wonders of God’s creation, the dignity of the human person and a sense of eternal destiny;
  • promote growth in self-knowledge and in knowledge and love of the life, faith tradition and mission of the Catholic Church;
  • develop capacity to examine, evaluate and respond to the surrounding culture in the light of the Catholic faith and tradition; .
  • develop skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking and deciding how to act in accordance with an informed conscience in relation to matters of morality increase understanding of religion generally and of the ways in which different religions make sense of human experience. ( CEC )
  • reflect the school mission statement based on Values for Life: Respect, Responsibility, Ambition and Service.

RE programme

Every class in the school follows a programme of religious education laid down by the Catholic Education commission. Every RE class receives instruction from a Catholic teacher. Each class receives two periods per week devoted to Religious Education. Students in S5 and S6 can progress to Int. 2 and Higher Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies (RMPS).

Our Sacremental and Liturgical Life

The school has strong links with each of our associated parishes. These are -

  • St Andrew's, Greenock
  • St Joseph's, Greenock
  • St Ninian's, Gourock
  • St Joseph's and St Patrick's, Wemyss Bay

On Holy Days of Obligation (and on the feast of St Columba) we celebrate Mass in St Andrew's Church, the closest to the school.

Priest of these parishes join with us to deliver the sacrement of Reconciliation. Mass takes place every Tuesday at lunchtime and on Thursdays during Advent and Lent, where students arrange and take part in the Liturgy.

Students also enjoy various activities including retreats, seminars, visits, specialist speakers, conferences, themed assemblies and fundraising.

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