S1 - S3 Technical course

techOur course starts in S1 by introducing pupils to technology in the key areas of craft and graphics. Since for most pupils the content is new the work is skills or knowledge based and progression is measured simply by improvement in skill and acquisition of knowledge.
When designing and making tasks are introduced in S2, craft skills and graphics are integrated into a series of design led tasks where pupils apply the skills and knowledge gained in S1 to generating ideas and creating models which offer solutions to set problems. For each pupil it is their relative ability to apply acquired skills and knowledge to the successful resolution of design problems and the skill displayed while generating design ideas which provides the best measure of progression.

By S3 pupils are expected to develop a more comprehensive and rigorous skill set in key aspects of technology will lead directly to our National courses.

In Craft pupils should learn how to recognise hazards, assess risks and take steps to control risks to themselves and others. Pupils should develop knowledge of the properties of common materials employed in craft work, how they are used, relative costs and the forms in which they are supplied. Pupils should also become aware of a range of tools and processes which can be used to shape, form and finish these materials.

In Graphic Communication pupils should develop an awareness of the importance of graphics as a means of communication, recognise common systems employed for the production of graphics including the use of light and colour, and be able to read and interpret simple graphics. Pupils should be able to select and apply a suitable graphic technique for a particular task and then demonstrate reasonable control in the use of appropriate media and instruments for the production of sketches and drawings. Pupils will use of CAD to create 3D models which are then used to generate drawings and renderings for use in production and/or desk top published documents.

In Design and Manufacture pupils will use the skills mastered during the S1 course to generate design ideas; working and explanatory drawings and presentation sketches/drawings of simple artefacts and then go on to manufacture, test and evaluate prototypes of their designs.

Wherever possible coursework will fully employ ICT for example the use of the internet for undertaking research, word processing for folio production, 2D and 3D drawing and illustration packages for the production of CAD drawings, rendered graphics and DTP. The use of CNC machinery for production is heavily promoted.

At the end of S3 pupils can choose to study National 4/5 courses in Design and Manufacture, Graphical Communication or Practical Woodworking.

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