Head Boy and Head Girl

Each year the school community elects a Head Boy and Head Girl to carry out various responsibilities on behalf of the school during the academic year.

The process begins in June when candidates have to be proposed by a pupil and a member of staff. Candidate statements, explaining why each person is suitable for the position, are displayed in the school and this is followed by a full hustings session, attended by senior pupils and staff. Following this, a formal election is held, along the same lines as local elections (using ballot boxes loaned from Inverclyde Council).

This year 14 candidates were put forward for these prestigious positions and after a very closely run contest the following results were announced -

Niall Smith (Head Boy)   Ainslae Bonnar (Head Girl)

Adam Stinson (Depute Head Boy)   Nicole Haggerty (Depute Head Girl)

One of the functions of the Head Boy and Head Girl is to represent pupils views on the Parent Council.

Those pupils that were unsuccessful in the elections act as school prefects.

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