SQA examination information

Mr Jim DochertyAll of our pupils will be faced with the task of sitting exams at some point during their time at St Columba's High School. We support our pupils through this difficult period in many ways.

We aim to:

  • give our students high quality learning opportunities
  • encourage the pupils to develop routines for the completion of classwork and homework
  • make our students aware of the many different techniques that can be used to study for their exams
  • advise them on the requirements of SQA
  • highlight the deadlines set for the submission of their work
  • encourage the pupils to attend supported study classes after school
  • provide them with advice about the different levels of exams on offer
  • prepare our students for the final challenge of sitting the exams

Ultimately however, the responsibility for preparing properly for the exams falls to each individual pupil. We encourage the pupils, their parents and teachers to come together and discuss any difficulties connected to the exams. Through hard work (it is part of our school ethos after all), encouragement and support, we are confident that our pupils can go on to demonstrate their abilities and skills in the exams.

We have included some useful pieces of advice here on this page.....happy reading!

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