Pastoral Care

Although all staff are responsible for the pastoral care of pupils, the school also has 4 Principlal Teachers of Pastoral Care. They are -

  • Mr J Stevenson 
  • Mrs C Ross
  • Mrs Y Beck
  • Mrs A Friel

The four principal teachers are also supported by a group of volunteer staff who are responsible for looking after individual classes. A list of classes and associated pastoral care teachers is listed as an attachment.

Pastoral Care provided includes -

  • curricular guidance
  • vocational guidance
  • support for vulnerable pupils (and their families)
  • providing advice health education
  • support for UCAS applications
  • monitoring progress

The Pastoral Care team work closely with the PT Support for Learning to ensure that every pupil is fully supported as they progress through St Columba's. Close partnerships have also been established with other agencies, including MCMC, Social Work, Community Learning and Development, Psychological Services, Health Professionals, etc.

Parents are encouraged to contact their son / daughter's Pastoral Care teacher if there are any concerns over any aspect of their progress in St Columba's.

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